The Fiskville Cemetery Association was formed to facilitate the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery itself. Our mission has evolved to not only the physical, but the historical maintenance as well. If you have information regarding burials or people buried in Fiskville Cemetery, please contact us. You will find contact information on signs throughout the cemetery.



Cemetery plots for family members are available. However you must contact either 512.576.0194 or 512.247.5622 for authorization.

Important Information

Hours of Operation from dawn to dark and please no animals on the grounds.

Permanent headstones must be installed in 90 days. The Association will be glad to provide information concerning companies and prices if you wish to purchase a headstone. Home-made permanent markers are allowed, please make sure that the name, date of the birth and date of death are put on the markers, as well as a maiden name if known. At no time will a “temporary” marker be allowed to remain past the 90 days.